DIN Rail Mounted Battery Chargers and DC UPSs and Temperature Compensated Charging

Two notable features of a DIN Rail mount battery chargers and DC UPS is their small size to power aspect, and that they require no fan relying only on natural flow through convection cooling. This high cubic power makes these small units ideal for installation in small enclosures and in limited space cabinets that often have little or no ventilation. Their wide operating temperature range -25 to 75˚ C allows them to survive in this environment. But what about the battery that goes in the same enclosure? It gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter months, cold batteries require higher float voltage to maintain their charge, and when batteries experience elevated temperatures the float voltage must be lower, or else the cells will over charge. To address this and keep DIN Rail DC UPS Temperature Compensation Sensorbatteries properly charged and give them long life, the battery charger voltage output must be compensated based on the battery’s temperature.

Newmar DIN Rail DC UPS units have a front panel port that accepts a plug in temperature sensor that either trims or elevates float voltage based on the battery temperature. The sensor is simply attached to the side of the battery, an algorithm in the DIN Rail UPS microprocessor determines the optimal voltage for the battery.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding Temperature Compensated Charging by Newmar’s DIN Rail mounted Battery Chargers and DC UPS series.

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