DIN Rail Surge Protectors

DIN Rail Mounted AC Surge Protector by Automation DC Power by NewmarAC Surge Protector

Utilizing AC surge suppression in DC UPS system design is highly recommended. This fast acting, thermally protected MOV with embedded arc-extinguishing device, provides rapid and reliable voltage suppression. Its high short current rating and thermal disconnect function delivers added protection. Form C and visual indicators report condition of the suppressor module, which is easily removed/replaced from the DIN Rail mount base assembly.

• High Surge Energy capacity protects down stream loads from voltage spikes and line transients
• Thermal protection circuit disconnects load under high energy absorption events
• Fail safe/self-protection design
• Visual red-green indicator alerts when surge module needs replacement
• Remote alarm contact, Form C
• Surge module plugs into DIN Rail mount base assembly for easy replacement in field
• Two pole device provides full protection L-N, L-G, L-G
• Short Current Rating: 200kA RMS
• UL Listed


Model Nominal
Max Continuous Voltage Surge Suppression Dimensions (mm)
DIN-SS-120 120 VAC, 2 Pole 180 180 180 3140 1570 1570 90 H x 36 W x 65 D Buy Now
DIN-SS-240 240 VAC, 2 Pole 275 275 275 3660 1890 1890 90 H x 36 W x 65 D Buy Now



DIN Rail Mounted RJ-485 Ethernet Surge Protector by Automation DC Power by NewmarRJ-485 Ethernet

With the implementation of IIoT, faster data speeds and fragile high speed components dictates use of surge suppressors to protect sensitive equipment from line transients and indirect lighting strikes. This RJ-485 – Cat 5, 8 wire protection device limits transients with 2-stage protection using gas discharge tubes and transzorb diodes.

• Simple in-line installation by female RJ-485 connectors
• 1000 Mbps Transmission speed
• Low insertion loss <3.0dB @ 80 Mhz
• Operating temp -25to + 70 C
• Models available for 12, 24 & 48 volt
• 35mm DIN Rail mount


Model Nominal DC Voltage Max. Continuous Voltage Dimensions (mm)
DIN-ETH-12 12 15 85 H x 25 W x 40 D Buy Now
DIN-ETH-24 24 28 85 H x 25 W x 40 D Buy Now
DIN-ETH-48 48 60 85 H x 25 W x 40 D Buy Now